about addfluence

happening here, right?

Moving beyond text & type, we have a new visual language to adopt, remember & use. 

Something foreign, can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on why it’s good and when something’s just not “found.”

The New Dialogue.

A dance. A blend. 

A marriage of two opposing forces. 

An artistic vernacular that exists in a “few” chosen square photos allows your new “fan” to determine within 26 seconds if they want you in their “feed”... if that desire to choose you to “follow”... if there is enough trust there to allow you to become their trusted “friend”... and if there will ever be a time in which they’ll give you some of their “funds”




That’s a lot of pressure on some freakin’ pictures.


We are fluent.

We speak meme. We speak emoji. We speak gif. We speak P&L. As Xennials, we’ve grown up & entered the workforce right when the transition of perception & reality was augmented by adoption of the internet, the iPhone and the influencer. 


From “mommy bloggers” to straight boss babes, we’re connected & adored by brands & influencers alike, creating personal experiences with people who just “love” us.

We are fluid.

A small, capable team that thrives in breaking down huge, complex branding tasks, and makes them work for you & your business goals, not against you. We believe in giving life to your voice and your identity by delivering spot on content that feels oh-so-right… like you never imagined it could be this easy to spread your vision to the world. Slip into the skin of the visual value purveyor with a curated brand experience that addfluence creates, manages & propels forward for & with you.

We are feelin’ it.

Addfluence was founded in the belief that when we help you, as a brand or influencer, add value to the world where you are promoting, naturally, that value comes back to you. Enter a new cycle of storytelling. A new content-base kharma loop that begets understanding when you put out the same wavelength of vibes. 

The Key to truly intelligent systems is likely to be found in the often-mocked female intuition.

Dr. Herbert Simon

Noble Prize Economist, Founding Father of AI

We can't put our finger on it...

But… we can help you intuitively communicate through your brand.

We can help you find the data, insights, processes, tools & perfect combination of strategic intuition to match your brand dialect to your brand values. 

No longer wonder if your message is resonating… we’ll post, prod & prove it. 


If you aren’t adding a piece of your brand identity to every corner of your site, social and sales process, you’re missing valuable opportunities to deeply connect with your consumer & followers.


The rise of more faces in feeds means you should have immediate value to offer with every interaction, instantaneously. That’s a lot of pressure… but we have simple strategies to share that will avoid the blunder of the Instagram equivalent of a sign-twirler on a corner.


We develop systems & processes to innovate new ways to tell your story, to share that experience over & over again, helping you fall deeper in love with your brand as others learn more & more about you.

recent Client

I love it! It's amazing and all we could ever wish for and more! Actually though. It’s fab. You’ve done a great job!
Brittany Guise
EverySo Britty
You are the wind beneath our wings. Everything to all of us that we wish we could be. Seriously, I do not know how you get done what you make happen, all I know is that I am incredibly grateful.
Jenna Rammell
Owner, The Daily Essential Co
It's very hard to find an agency or a group of people that will care about your business like it's theirs... this team is unstoppable.
Shawn Hammond
Co-Founder, Proper Hemp Co.

What can we help you accomplish? What vision do you have for the reach & scale of your business that you haven’t quite figured out?